Androfen Side Effects

Androfen Side Effects- What Are Androfen Side Effects?

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Androfen is the name of a product that is made for men who may be experiencing Andropause, the male equivalent of the menopause. The official website for the product claims that it can help reduce body fat and increase muscle while also improving the sex drive.androfen side effects

The website explains this and also has a comprehensive FAQ section. There is a trial offer for Androfen mentioned on the site whereby the consumer can purchase one trial for $9.95 and get a second free. The actual cost of Androfen is hidden in the small print of the ‘terms and conditions and shows that, unless the consumer cancels their order within 12 days, they will automatically be sent a full supply cost of $59.40 every 30 days.

Quick ejaculation or premature ejaculation as most people know it is a common problem that men face, and about 1 out of 3 men experience this condition every day. This problem happens when a man reaches his climax too soon. It may occur before the intercourse or just moments while having sex.

The causes of this problem include psychological factors like stress, anxiety, guilt and anger, health conditions such as hormonal imbalance and urinary tract infection may also increase the risk of a man to experience quick ejaculation.

As for treatment, there are several options to choose from. Medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI’s and vasodilators, although not approved by certain organizations, are still considered to be effective treatments for quick ejaculation by medical professionals. Methods related to sex like squeezing and masturbating before sex will also help treat the condition.

Another widely used method to treat quick ejaculation and other conditions is the consumption of herbs and natural supplements like Androfen. Studies have proven that using medications may result to herder erection but will most likely give men unwanted side effects while consumption of herbs or natural supplements will also result to harder erections but will also help increase a man’s sexual arousal and prevent any complications from occurring.

Before trying Androfen, getting checked by a doctor regarding the condition that you have should be prioritized. Self treating may not give the results you want but instead may aggravate your problem and may increase your risks of developing other conditions.

Androfen Side Effects- What Are Androfen Side Effects?