Asian Hunter: Ep. 71 – Malaysia Tongkat Ali

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Producers: Jin Jeon & So-Hee Jeon
Scriptwriters: Eun-Mi Lee & Do-Young Lee

Aired: June 21st 2013 on TVChosun (Korea)

Asian Hunter: Ep. 71 - Malaysia Tongkat Ali

Producers: Jin Jeon & So-Hee Jeon
Scriptwriters: Eun-Mi Lee & Do-Young Lee

Aired: June 21st 2013 on TVChosun (Korea)

18 thoughts on “Asian Hunter: Ep. 71 – Malaysia Tongkat Ali

  1. Many thnx to this Korean creative & production team for this engrossing
    work. Though I’m a Malaysian myself, in more ways than one, this video
    proved to be entertaining, educational and informative. If only the
    narrative were to be supported by English sub-titles, the experience would
    have been much more fascinating. Thnx nevertheless.

  2. What a fascinating documentary. Even though I don’t understand most of the
    documentary except the Bateqs speaking Malay, I watched this documentary
    till the end. I as Malaysian myself really appreciate your work and show
    Malaysia to the Korean people, where ancient and modern cultures coexist
    and the ethno-cultural diversity we had here. 

    1. No they don’t come there as slaves like in the Americas, they are
      indigenous there and have been living there for more than 30,000 years and
      they are the most distant peoples from Africans genetically.

  3. Thank you! Thought it was going to go the wrong way following the arrival
    and spilling of the cooking pot…but it didn’t! The film was very well made.
    Very fascinating. Very informative. Watched and enjoyed it all. My Bahasa
    Malayu is basic Bahasa Indonesian…but though I missed quite a few words, we
    can all understand a great deal from body language, what we see and what we
    feel is going on anyway. Great post. How many nights did you stay making
    this film may I ask? Thank you.

    1. +apachewolfscout he speak malay infront of camera but he speak his language
      to his sons which i can’t understand too.

    2. Thanks my friend! I am no expert, just wondering! Right now I am quite
      stuck at home looking after family-for several years due to special
      needs-…but that is part of life, it is not all being a big man having big
      adventures; don’t know if you’ve experienced this kind of thing…the little
      life, taking care of special needs, babies, changing nappies…but here we
      are! I hope you are enjoying a good life in the big or little way so to
      speak and may at some point we both enjoy those big adventures which really
      are such a joy at the right time. Best wishes.

  4. didn’t realized tongkat ali is that rare in Malaya, I see this every time I
    go to the forest in Sarawak

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