Stiff Bull aphrodisiac coffee slapped with FDA warning

 (Stiff Bull)

This Malaysian coffee is no bull.

Stiff Bull, a coffee produced overseas that claims it will improve mens libido and sexual performance, has been slapped with a warning from the Food and Drug Administration for containing an unlisted ingredient: desmethyl carbodenafil.

That hard-to-pronounce chemical is similar to the active ingredient sildenafil in Viagra. Like Viagra, desmethyl carbodenafil can have adverse interactions when consumed with nitrates, which are found in many prescription drugs for conditions like diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. It can also lower blood-pressure levels to what the agency declares to be dangerous levels.

Stiff Bull Coffee is also infused with herbal ingredients like tongkat ali, maca root and guarana. The producer claims that the herbs naturally enhance a man’s hormones and can stimulate a natural erection lasting up to three days. 

Stiff Bull has since disputed the FDA’s claim, saying that there was a mix-up of ingredients.

Speaking to Indy 100, Stiff Bulls president Keith Hanson said that the problem was a combination of things one, the manufacturer of the coffee, located in Malaysia, had lots of different formulas, and hed been importing his coffee in the US for 10 years. There were never any substances found. 

Instead, Hanson said, the manufacturer began to add desmethyl carbodenafil to offset the cost of the Maca Root and the Tongkat Ali, without his knowledge.

The company has not said whether the FDA’s warning has had an adverse effect on sales of the coffee. According to The Daily Mail, more than 200,000 men in the U.S. order a shipment of the beverage each month. 

The FDA, which identified the item during an inspection of international mail shipments, recently added the beverage to its list of Tainted Sexual Enhancement Products. The agency has warned consumers about almost three dozen products this year as a series of items have been found to include undeclared ingredients meant to enhance sexual function but were instead unlisted on the packaging and possibly harmful for users.

Though the product is not banned, the FDA is now encouraging health care professionals and patients “to report adverse events or side effects related to the use of this product” to the agency’s MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.

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Stiff Bull Herbal Coffee is a Malaysian-based company selling an instant herbal coffee powder that it says is designed to improve male sexual performance. The coffee contains exotic ingredients such as  tongkat ali, a purported aphrodisiac native to Malaysia and vicinity; maca root, a South American plant related to broccoli that may also have libido-enhancing properties; and guaraná, another South American plant, whose seeds contain about twice the caffeine of coffee beans.

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One bar in Singapore hopes you’ll like the ants it’s put in your cocktail


Just when you thought cocktails couldn’t get more offbeat, now they’re putting ants in your drink.

One new bar in Singapore is taking the edible insect trend to gourmet proportions. At Native, the S$23 ($16) “Antz” cocktail comes with local ants blended into the yoghurt-based drink.

On top of the cup, larger crunchy black Thai ants rest in a liquid nitrogen-frozen leaf with basil cubes that melt in your mouth.

You’re supposed to pop the entire leaf in your mouth and crunch on the ants before you sip on the drink.



“Sometimes, ant legs get stuck in people’s teeth.”

“Sometimes, little bits of the ant legs and parts get stuck in people’s teeth,” says Vijay Mudaliar, founder and head bartender at Native, who created the drink.

He explained that he had to import Thai ants because the Singapore weaver ants have ascorbic acid Vitamin C which give them a sour taste. That went well with the yoghurt and rum, but he needed the larger Thai polyrhachis ant for its crunch.

“I tried maybe seven different types of ants before I found the sour weaver one. We don’t have crunchy ants in Singapore,” he said.

The yoghurt and rum drink with Singapore ants blended in.


The ants will certainly raise an eyebrow or two, but Vijay insists he isn’t aiming for the shock factor with the unconventional ingredient.

He says the drink creation is his nod to So Paulo top chef Alex Atala, who’s been known to use Brazilian ants in his high-end creations.

Vijay Mudaliar at his bar.

Image: Ng Yi shu/mashable

Vijay’s other drinks are similarly reliant on local flavours albeit without the shock factor of insects.

Some of the ingredients on Native’s menu include the Tongkat Ali root, long regarded as an aphrodisiac in Southeast Asia, and home-made coconut yoghurt.

Even the batik fabric on the staff’s aprons is another local-flavoured detail.


“It makes more sense for the bar to be Southeast Asian themed, because that’s what we’re familiar with.

“So many bars (in Singapore) are like New York speakeasies, or New Orleans clubs why don’t we do something we know?” Vijay said.

BONUS: Meet ‘Somabar’ – the robotic bartender

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