ED Clinics in Orlando

ED Clinics in Orlando – What are the best ED clinics in Orlando?

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Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence or ED, refers to the event when a man is incapable of attaining and maintaining an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Men who are older than forty are the usual victims of ED. The prevalence of this condition is said to affect two out of five men each year and is increasing as time passes.ED Clinics In Orlando

There are several factors considered to contribute to the development of ED. Psychological determinants such as stress, anxiety, depression and anger as well as physiological factors such as hormonal instability, arterial damages, trauma, and some health complications are said to increase the chances of men to acquire the problem. Age is also considered because of the body’s increased susceptibility to certain conditions during aging.

The treatment for this condition may range from lifestyle changes, psychosexual interventions, relaxation therapies, medications and surgeries. The use of alternative remedies is also considered but depends on the patient’s desires. There are several ED Clinics in Orlando where you can find treatment.

All ED Clinics in Orlando have urology doctors that are recommended because of their ability to precisely diagnose and treat the condition. They offer patients a wide variety of treatments, from medications to surgical procedures, and guarantee a long term resolution for erectile dysfunction.

Some of these ED Clinics in Orlando also have tailor-made combination drugs which are all different for every case but will surely provide curative effects with consideration to the patient’s safety. One common treatment they offer is the use of hormonal therapy to surpass ED.

One of the noted effects of increasing a man’s testosterone levels is that it gradually improves a man’s libido thus causing more erections. This is limited to few patients because of its potential adverse effects in the liver and kidneys. Men who are older than fifty and are taking other medications for their health problems are not advised to have hormonal therapy.

Before planning out any treatment of ED, seek a Urologist or a Primary care physician’s advice with regards to curative options. They may ask you to get fully checked to determine what is causing the problem and will give you treatment options that they think best fits your health needs and lifestyle. This will prevent any complications to the condition and will prevent it from backsliding once it is fully cured.


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