Emergen C Electro Mix review

Emergen C Electro Mix review – is Emergen C Electro Mix effective and any side effects?

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Want to replenish and rehydrate during or after a workout, but don’t want all the artificial ingredients and sugar in sports drinks? Emergen C Electro Mix supplies the electrolytes your body needs, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Emergen C Electro Mix also includes chromium to support energy metabolism.emergen c electro mix review

Emergen C Electro Mix tastes great has a hint of lemon-lime and comes with 30 packets per box. Electro Mix is an ideal addition to virtually any beverage providing the electrolytes your body needs. Every living person needs electrolytes especially Potassium.

Potassium is an essential element needed by cells to maintain water balance and optimal nerve function. Each cell requires sodium and potassium but in differing amounts. Inside the cell the concentration of potassium is far higher than sodium. Modern diets typically contain excessive sodium at the expense of adequate potassium.

Electro Mix helps provide essential potassium that is often lacking in modern diets.  . Whether your water is bottles filtered or tap when you add Electro Mix to it you’ll get more benefits than the average sports drink. And you’ll be drinking water which is the beverage your body wants craves and needs the most.

High potassium intakes are associated with a 20% decreased risk of dying from all causes, a reduced risk of stroke, lower blood pressure, protection against loss of muscle mass, preservation of bone mineral density and reduction in the formation of kidney stones.

Potassium’s primary functions in the body include building muscle, synthesizing proteins, controlling the electrical activity of the heart and maintaining acid-base balance. Potassium is needed for maintenance of total body fluid volume, keeping electrolytes in balance and ensuring normal cell function.

Emergen C Electro Mix review – is Emergen C Electro Mix effective and any side effects?

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