How To Take Tongkat Ali

This Ancient Chinese Secret Gives William His

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– How To Take Tongkat Ali

How To Take Tongkat Ali - How To Take Tongkat Ali

18 thoughts on “How To Take Tongkat Ali

  1. I actually take a 200:1 product or else I would check out your website.
    However, I wish you would educate some of these bodybuilder know-it-alls
    about Tongkat Ali. I attempted to educate one guy by pointing out what
    Tongkat Ali isn’t. It’s not a drug and it’s not a testosterone replacement.
    It’s an adaptogenic herb that, among other things, stimulates the body into
    creating more testosterone which is completely different from many of the
    synthetic drugs on the market. Oh, and one more thing. I add mine to a
    smoothie I make in the morning and that’s the easiest way of taking it. :)

    1. Unfortunately those ratios aren’t always accurate. But as long as you’re
      getting results with it that’s the important thing. Yes, smoothies work as
      long as there is enough other flavors to mask the taste. If there isn’t
      enough it could throw the whole flavor. We do have a lot more information
      available on our website.

    2. +Mark Gailmor
      Would you mind telling me which one it is? Always interested to know what
      else is good out there and maybe try it myself to compare.

    1. +YourMother eat fat healthy one olive oil avocado coconut oil whole eggs
      aim for at least 100 gram of fat per day ur test will raise crazy

    2. +CrazySicily yes just eat fat not trans ones after 6 months go for blood
      test i recommend u go to best testosterone website

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