5 thoughts on “Male Virility 5 the easy way.mov

  1. VERY VERY ENCOURAGING VIDEO, thanks a lot I WAS young Patient of ED and I
    came out with it with the help of yoga. I researched for 1 year for my
    ailment and the absolute solution seem and was YOGA & MEDITATION. One Very
    Good Thing about ur videos are that they are not just BORING tutorial it is
    ENCOURAGING. Many times we know all the things but we need reminder that’s
    what I found in Ur videos. Thanks for such a good Upload. LAST BUT NOT THE
    LEAST , “KHANDASANA” Is miraculous Asana.

  2. “Khandasana” is tough but its worked on the first day, one don’t need to
    perfectly do it as it is some of the toughest asana. Younger people should
    gain much benefits that what I suppose. Lastly the starting thunder strike
    is wonderful, means really wonderful. Give me feeling what a poised person
    got inside(the thunder) in him. Well thanks once again for Great videos.

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