Emergen C Immune plus Citrus review

Emergen C Immune plus Citrus review – is Emergen C Immune plus Citrus effective?

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A healthy immune system is the best defense we have against microbes, bacteria, and viruses that would otherwise invade the body and destroy our health.  The immune system functions much like the hull of a submarine: while it is strong, the water stays out, and the air pressure inside remains conducive to life.emergen c immune plus citrus review

When it is weak and ruptures the water comes rushing in, sinking the ship and all aboard. On a daily basis, our body uses antioxidant vitamins to boost the immune system, warding off such unwelcome visitors.  One of the most important antioxidants for this is vitamin C.

Emergen C Immune plus Citrus Immune System Support contains 1000 IU Vitamin D to regulate your immune system function. With antioxidants Vitamin C, zinc and manganese, this Emergen-C supplement, 30-count, helps to let you maintain a healthy antioxidant response.

Emergen C Immune plus Citrus immune system supplement also contains glucans, arabinogalactan and other nutrients to support your body’s natural immune function. In a convenient 30-packet size, Emergen C Immune plus Citrus is easy to carry where you need it.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is found in citrus fruits, kiwi, acerola and camu camu, and may boost the immune system by attacking the nucleic acid of the virus. This antioxidant vitamin fights with bacteria until they’re dead.

Vitamin C may play an important role in connective tissue in our bones. The stronger these tissues are, the more they can resist attack from microbes. Vitamins C may act as an antioxidant.  Antioxidants can help to combat free radicals, allowing your immune system to be better equipped to combat invading bacteria and microbes.

Emergen C Immune plus Citrus review – is Emergen C Immune plus Citrus effective?