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One of the Japanese anti-aging gurus is this dr. When he was in 30's, he looked 50's, but now he is in 50's and looks 30's. What's his secret? Basically,one meal per day. He drinks some tea and small sweets during day and eat only dinner at night. When you are hungry and your stomach sounds,that's a sign that growth hormone start increasing. So, don't eat jsut because it's lunch time or you are hungry, wait to hear the stomach sound.
When your stomach starts screaming, growth hormon is coming out.

He goes to bed 10pm and wakes up 3am, because grown hormon increases from 10pm to 2am.

Another secret of his beautiful skin is that he uses umbrella to protect from UV rays. It's becomming trend even for men to use umbrella in Japan. really? maybe yes.

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