People Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Steph Curry’s New Under Armour Shoes

After being practically untouchable for the past two years, Steph Curry finally caught some Ls.

On Wednesday night, his Warriors got embarrassed by the Cavs via a 30 points lose in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. By Thursday morning, critics were accusing him of being a faux MVP and living up to the expectations of a big-time player. But both of those are nothing compared to what happened Thursday afternoon when these bad boys dropped.

The reaction to the release of Under Armour’s Curry 2 low tops was pretty unanimous and could be summed up in one vine:

At first, people gave the Curry 2’s a collective laugh.

But then, all hell broke loose.

When everyone decided to find a new name for the kicks, it was a wrap.

By the end of the night, the internet came to its conclusion: Only retirees, suburban dads and nurseswould wear these.

And now, the finisher.


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Twitter roasts Steph Curry’s hideous new Under Armour shoes

Unanimous NBAMVP Steph Curry has been pretty lackluster in the finals. Given the Golden State Warriors‘ unwavering dominance and record-setting season, it’s a bit surprising to see him sputter and falter in this critical match-up.

Turns out some seriously shitty footwear may be to blamethe kind of shoes that make you want to drill out all your tennis balls and start stockpiling walkers or learn how to install a new garage door opener.

Meet the newly unveiled Under Armour Curry 2 Low “Chef” kicks. They’re hideous.

Shoe enthusiasts over at Sneakernews have rated the bland chefs a paltry 2.6 out of 5. And Twitter has had a field day roasting these kicks to a crisp.

Dad jokes are plentiful, given a father’s desire for comfort, zero style, and the utmost embarrassment of their child.

Perhaps Under Armour is eying that sweet Father’s Day cash. Maybe Curry is just that unfashionable. Riley is probably already having nightmares about these lows, begging her mom to make their $3.2 million house a shoeless palace.

For the love of your child, your fans, and the game, please take off the early bird specials, Curry. At least until the finals are over.

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