Tongkat Ali benefit and side effects

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Dr. Ray Sahelian describes the benefits and side effects of the herbal supplement Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali benefit and side effects

Dr. Ray Sahelian describes the benefits and side effects of the herbal supplement Tongkat Ali.

33 thoughts on “Tongkat Ali benefit and side effects

    1. +TILAK CHOWDHURY I have it, got it from Borneo (Kalimantan), Indonesia. It
      is light yellow. You can check my website: . I
      am trying to sell it but my partner says no, cos dont know when I will go
      back to Kalimantan again. (Im from Indonesia originally but live here in
      the States)

    1. +droidekka2 so then how did I get from 6 to 9.5 inches

      And no it’s not because I’m black

    2. +droidekka2 from Wikipedia: The human penis is made up of three types
      of tissue. It has two corpora cavernosa (special pieces ofmuscle) next to
      each other and a corpus spongiosum(spongy muscle) between them.

      See how many times the word muscle mentioned???

    3. +The Golden Radio it’s your spongy muscle filled with blood. Must be heaven
      to have 9.5 inches.

  1. heh aggressive, easy to anger, want to get out of traffic? what he’s
    describing is every single New Yorker on any given day going to work!

    1. I live in North Jersey, here is so peaceful. Go to NYC once a while, more
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  2. i have some ali but did not test it much yet. I can tell you the alt med I
    did that provoke a erection after 5 sec of doing it . Make 1 cup of yohimbe
    tea cooled down to room temperature + 1 cup of urine . rinse your colon
    well . retention enema popped a perfect boner in 5 sec to my amasement .. i
    know taking a pill is easy

  3. I had the raw material and have some of it for tea. The best part is really
    boost your energy up a lot. Imagine you still can stay awake very well when
    you just slept for less than 5 hours in 2 days.

    1. +Texmex89 In creative industry, sometimes or most of the time need long
      hours of work. So its really helpful and reduce the reply on caffeine .

  4. My side have lots of supply n now working on packaging. For import export
    purpose. Current packaging cut into small piece of round size. We may
    develop it into different form for consumption.

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  5. I’ve struggled with low masculinity, low sex drive and low confidence for
    as long as I can remember. Will this help me?

  6. That music intro is awful ! It is also very annoying in the background
    during his presentation. Otherwise he has a good message. He knows his
    stuff for sure. Too bad the music can’t just go away.Thanks Ray, good job.

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